Who is a SKILTER Jockey?

Students who are passionate about Quizzing and would wish to create content for the SKILTER app is designated as a “SKILTER Jockey”

How to become a SKILTER Jockey?

If you are a student, download SKILTER app form Google Play Store or Apple Store and play upcoming quizzes run on various topics like sports, technology, business, music and more. If you are in the top 100 on the leader board at the end of the day (at 11:30 pm) take a screenshot and apply here to be a Jockey for a topic of interest to you.

Can anyone qualify to be a SKILTER Jockey?

Students who wish to become SKILTER Jockeys can apply and they need to satisfy the SKILTER guidelines to be eligible

How do SKILTER Jockeys get paid?

SKILTER Jockeys get paid through Paytm immediately after their published game is over

Can students create a Private SKILTER for their college?

Yes, students with consent from the college authorities can create and publish their own private SKILTERS which will be available only to those students or faculty who are invited.

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